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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Happy "early" mama's day to all the mothers in this world!

Happy Mama's day mama! 

I look horribly pale,no make up :( Me & my forever young mum in a korean restaurant at Fahrenheit 88. Celebrated mothers day with my 2nd sister,the food was okay. Well,at least my mama was happy that day. I saw Starhill Gallery & Sephora!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to go there but it was raining,maybe next time? I'll bring a ton of cash to get at least ONE item from Sephora. 

Sick & lifeless creature :( Thank God my baby coral made me look alive.

I'm addicted to this,not perfume ah! This is used to spray my room or anywhere that has an unusual smell,as you can see,got picture of lily at the front,so it smells of lilies,heavenly scent,hmmmm 

Doing re-visions for exams next week :( At least I like science,but for maths,all I did was read the "how to use the calculator" page,bc my calculator is my only hope,fml T_T

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