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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look at the brighter side of things

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Exams are finally over!!!!! I'm in my wildest most epic moments right now,what's so great about this mid term is that everyone has different subjects on different days,so I don't come for subjects like art & accounts which is tomorrow,epic much :) Today was sort of stupid,I don't know if you guys notice this but I actually am sick,I got cough & a little bit of nose problem right now,oh damn,I cough but there's no flam,just a very itchy & dry sensation at my throat,not a good feeling,especially when you live in a hot oven like country like Malaysia & you feel like eating ice everyday. Science sort of sucked,I love science,for real,there was one point in my life where I wanted to be a marine biologist,since I love marine life & living creatures,but just now,everything turned into black & white during paper 2,every single fucking question,90% form4 syllabus! God damn I panicked like fuck,most of them are chemistry questions which I HATE,the whole damn paper made me lose hope in getting an A for science,but paper 1 made me sort of relieved,once I saw some biology related questions,my tension eased.

Have been drinking this,tomato & celery juice,my complexion is sort of better,seriously! The area below my ear,after applying ointment everything dried & I only have pimple marks left. So cool,now I'm working really hard on my skin,not for the sake of looking good but also to feel healthy & look healthy,have also been sleeping & waking up early,so far so good,I'm doing pretty good now,I will continue this habit,will not stop for goodness sake! I didn't know waking up before the sun rises feels so good :)

My current reading material,this book is kinds interesting. I wanna get Water for Elephants.

'The list' :) All the good things to achieve in a day,guide to a perfect life.

There is this friend of mine,not gonna say who,but I just hope he sees this & guess that I'm talking about him. I'm not gonna badmouth him but now,during exam moment where everyone is busy trying to improve themselves,I guess & hope he would too,because no matter how much you hate & suck at studying you must always try. I'm done encouraging some of my friends to study & such,previously,there is this friend of mine,I really like her but she is slowly drifting away from normal student life,I wanted to her to follow me & change our attitudes & study,but it's up to them. I'm just saying,I'm not a smarty pants or a goody little 2 shoes person,but I'm just trying to do what's best for me & to those I care. Tata,gotta go now,eating time! Leave a comment below :)