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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fashion Icon #1 : Taylor Momsen

Aha! Finally a sort of fashion post,haha. Was watching TONS of Gossip Girl season 4 videos at youtube & I really can't wait to start my marathon! My favourite style star from GG would have to be Taylor Momsen aka Jenny Humphrey. I love Serena though but sometimes her looks can be pretty boring & I like something daring,bold & has a little bit of rocker chic look into it,starting from season 1,Taylor's look was more of a sweetish look,she plays up with babydoll dresses & as the seasons go by she starts leaving her hair long,thicker eye make up & finally,stockings,dark clothes & anything studded,basically the kind of things I love.

Pictures of Taylor Momsen & some of her looks that I just enjoy looking at 

Wow I love those shoes,the dress & the jacket.

I just love everything about this look,her shoes,her stockings,everything!

I also happen to be in love with her body & long legs.

Partly why I wanted to bleach my whole hair & turn into a blonde.

Oh yeah I love the bag but look at Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass's face,major LOL.

People talk bad alot about this girl,but behind all that I still enjoy her personal style & I believe that she's just doing her own thing,her make up is actually very very smoky & usually she wears red on her lips,or sometimes maroon,more of a gothic feel. 
She changed alot,from a little girl that acted in The Grinch,yes that was her. But still,her taste for both music & fashion is really something I admire because I also love rock & roll. Yeah,somehow,she makes me wanna go ahead & put on that red lipstick,get my tattoo done,wear fishnet stockings,booties & awesome clothes & not give a damn what people think :)



#3 (Now)

A special Taylor Momsen inspired look created by me 
Taylor Momsen Inspired

Sheer front corset top from Dolce & Gabbana
Crepe crop blazer from Topshop
Faded denim shorts from
Bamboo Colada19 ankle boots from
Fashion city bag with flap from Zara
Long red swarovski heart necklace from

Did I mention that Taylor's in a band called The Pretty Reckless.
Check them out.



Rimona said...

I really live your blog, it really inspires me.
I found you on IFB, and checked out your blog.
Really like it, and i ♥ Taylor!
Maybe we can follow each other

Natali said...

this girl always looks stunning! I love her style, and her legs, hehe.

Francesca said...

omgg with legs like that i would always wear short skirts hahaha x

Annie violet said...

Love these looks, thanks for the inspiration.

Xx Annie