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Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to blogging

Deleted all the effing upsetting posts here.
I decided NOT to be so lame,LOL.
Ended lots of emo things about myself and changed everything in my blog so no spamming please.
Thank You very much :)

I do have friends anyways.
There are people who care for me,i just didn't notice that,i was stupid.
I am not smart but I AM intelligent.
Im trying to gain confidence and not be so pathetic anymore cos life is actually fun,weeee :D
Why am i so emo anyways? Well... i did face lots of fucking problems before this.
But during this holidays i started to be more cheerful,i know you banatics won't probably wanna hear my lousy and long speech,im just sharing some stuffs kay?

Well my life has clearly changed after.........................
Wakawaka eh eh,ITS TIME FOR AFRICA :)

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