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Friday, August 06, 2010

Its okay.

My blog LOL
Today was really something.
Consulted a classmate bout life,she's full of negativity,i don't blame her.
Family,it ruins us kids you know?
Sometimes parents can be so wrong,we just have to bear it for now,
i always tell myself this when i get sick of my family. was different i don't know why?
Had recess with another friend today,i purposely change recess partners because i wanted to accompany the girl who was depressed,she is well... a very innocent girl but i don't judge people,nobody is perfect. It somehow felt different,sitting there talking to another bunch of girls,i felt at ease,now im starting to adapt myself at this school,even though i've been here since january i never really enjoyed schooling here,i lost my friends in a blink of an eye,realised the truth too,and became close to some very wonderful people. All i can say is that all this is planned by God.
I do miss my old school sometimes,especially fridays,the mc donald day :)
I also missed recess,the variety of food and my multi cultural friends back there,everyone is like family,that's all i can say. I don't understand why so many students write bad stuffs bout my old school just because it came out of the papers,it doesn't matter where you study,if you wanna study then study. I don't know im confused for now,im trying my best and hope that i can pass all my subjects,at least. I was never a study freak,i am the kind of person who thinks that education is not everything,but it is also important,i just wanna grow up fast,i read the papers a few days back announcing MTV's new VJ,i wanna be one of them too,i always liked doing all these,anything to do with music,anything to do with entertainment.
Pray hard nia :)
You'll get what you want soon.
Times passes,things go different,people change,YOU CHANGE
You grow,you think,you learn you try and you become someone better.
Jesus told me this in my dream.

1 comment:

Hayley said...

Good luck honey ^^
U'll get wat u wan soon! Just wait for it to come!