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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Updated ♥

I've been a fag for ignoring my bloggie,sorry :(
Curse me i don't mind,who reads my blog anyways? HAHAHA
Last friday went and surprised Bryan with a cake,someone is already 18.
Im kinda jealous,when your 18,you can drive,and that is one the things that i haven't ticked on my "want to be list".
We celebrated at Taiwan since we didn't want any noise and any weird eyes looking at us.
We knew that if we did it in McDonalds many people would notice.

Me and Hayley,we did alot of walking and i hope she lost weight hahaha.

You can read more in Hayley's blog.
Im lazy to post bout this.
I woke up with a horrible migrain due to my MERdeka day celebration.
To excited till i didn't sleep. (This is sooo not true)
These days my mine only focuses on one damn thing.
Which is him :)

You know that feeling when you meet a person and you knew that he is like your soul mate. I have always believed in fate and MAYBE its fate that made us meet. Errr...i know i sound cheesy but he really is the guy i like,not like but love. He makes me feel loved,that's why i love him. We really fall in love quite fast,he is always there cheering me up. I LOVE YOU.


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