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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Im a Malaysian

I Look CHINESE! But im not,and that's a good thing.
Chinese blood runs quite vividly in me,since i speak fluent chinese and look chinese but im not.
I am only a few percent chinese but im actually a native sarawakian,
if your wondering why im fair skinned its because my race is originally fair,
my mum says that it has something to do with my chinese ancestors too.
So...there it is,the reason why im blogging bout this is because im lazy to explain my race.
For sixteen years of me living as a human i have to explain my race and my unique name.

Dennia Leah :)
just call me Nia.

Unique name given by my parents, sign of chinese surname there.
Im a bidayuh,one of the few ethnic groups in sarawak.
Because of this,teachers sometimes asks me stupid questions for example..
"Oh,so what you wear at home? What you eat? What kind of house you live in?"
I grew up in KL,i wear normal clothes,i eat rice like everyone,i live in a house lo.
Really effing stupid questions,i don't how the fuck can they be teachers?
Just because im some tribe doesn't mean i behave and live like some red indians in the jungle hunting for food and living in a long house,hell NO!

As for language,i speak english at home,my two sisters can speak fluent bidayuh but not me.
I sound like ang moh when i speak bidayuh,people laugh so i just shut my pouty lips :D
But normally we still use english,since both my sisters are english teachers.
But i do understand a little bidayuh so fine,haha.
And your now wondering how the hell can i speak mandarin??? CHINESE SCHOOL.
I spent 6 years of misery studying a language i don't know,suffered language diffiency lol and racism,people didn't wanna makes friends with me at first cos im not chinese,then what did i do? Well..the very smart Nia studied hard and mastered the language and kick their balls off.
BUT surprisingly i get along the most with chinese,maybe cos im also like 40% chinese.

I can speak fluent malay,english and mandarin,im learning basic korean and cantonese now cos my canto is really "kek".
And as for my family,its funny you know,
when we go dine at chinese reastaurants people will think that we're phillipinos or indonesian or even baba nyonya,and when we dine at malay restaurants people will assume that we're chinese or chindian and when we eat at indian shops people will think that we're pure chinese. LOL
Its nice to suck out the confusion juice out of people's brain :)

We're malaysian so what? WHO CARES what race we are?
Im proud of who i am,my race,my heritage,everything.
It feels nice to be different among your crowd of friends.
We're one malaysia right?

Being different makes a difference.
Don't judge people by their race,it hurts.
You know me i know you,let's make a change towards society.
Be proud,like me,im proud,cos im different :D


Benson said...

yeah ! don't judge ppl by races ~ aikss~ i judge ppl by attitude..T^T..pretty sad huh ?
c'mon u are our friend~~ dont peduli if some of them dont wanna make frez with u ~~

Banania said...

Benson i noe!
I also judge ppl by character la,if a girl behaves like a bitch sure ren ren dou tao yan de ma! YES i love you guys