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Monday, August 23, 2010

I wish i can turn back time

Everyday i CANNOT stop thinking.."how if"...I don't wanna fucking think bout that anymore.
Who cares,its already august!
Too late to turn back time,if only i could i would be a better daughter so my parents won't transfer me to this school in the first place. Its not that i hate it here,im JUST NOT USED TO IT. I miss my friends like hell! I don't know if my friends back there fucking care bout me but i bet they miss me too :(
Chatted a few weeks back with Yeeng,my former classmate,chatted till i cried.
I don't know what is my problem but i just can't accept the fact that im not studying there anymore! I hate being new to everything and all those fucking stuffs.
I just wanna go back to my old school and study there with my old friends,being with my small group of friends that sing,dance and laugh with me is already good enough.
Every single day i pray and think of all those memories hoping that i can return to those flashbacks of mine. WHY GOD WHY??!!!

I admit that my results have improved and my attitude have improved but i am not happy here. I know this girl who reminds me of myself last time,but the difference is that she's rich and she's fortunate not like me,im not poor but im not rich either! If only i were as rich as her,i don't have to study so hard and i can still go to college but i HAVE TO study for my own future and i don't know why GOD created me in such a unique way,i hate studying. FUCK lo now...
Tommorow meeting Hayley,
gonna talk till i cry and im gonna release all those craps in me.


Benson said...

not too late my dear ~ still have time to pick it up believe in me !~

Hayley said...

Take k sweetheart :), there are pros n cons after u've enter tis skul, u're results r improving. Just take it easy :) U stil hav me, don worry, i'll b ur great listener XD