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Sunday, August 01, 2010

You choose your own mood

Two stupid girls din pose properly,see their pose.

She's damn afraid,see she's holding tight to someone to avoid accident LOL

She's too excited because she saw papaya tree YAY

We were passing by this place and she was like "OMG very nice come lai lai lai take pic!"

Lost child,parents don't want her liao...keciannnnn

I have never looked this ugly before

We look so like sisters YAY

Im dedicating this to a person,she really seriously needs to get a life.
I pity her,being so jealous of others,being such a gloom ball,what's the point huh?
Its not my fault my baby is better than you!
I don't know you that well so i don't wanna talk so much,but according to your "masterpiece" your really something,your good at blaming others.

Today Paul fetched me and Hayley to "eat some air" at BCH.
Me and Hayley tried many ways to force him to drive us to Rawang but he don't want to.
I don't get it,why don't people build at least one KFC or MC D here??
A nice big kopitiam also not bad,but there is nothing here except a whole lot of chinese stalls.

I've been hanging out with Hayley alot these days,she's being closer and closer to me,i remember i first know her during form 1,she went to my class to sell chocolates and i wanted to get a pack for the guy i like so i bought it from her,she was friendly since last time.
Then came friendster season,i discovered how famous she was,being a leng lui and stuffs,LOL. I added her and we talked through friendster ONLY. Smiled at school sometimes.
Then i don't know why all of a sudden this year we became good buddies,fate perhaps?
I don't know,but God brought her to me when i was facing a lot of difficulties,so praise the LORD!

I learned a few things from her,
I choose to behave the way i am even though you know im well known for my vulgar mouth.
Thanks honey :D
You made me awesome than i already am.


Hayley said...

I LOVE U TOO HONEY^^ we're a family now^^ , fish, paul, u n me ! I learnt a lot of stuff from u ! Thanks for lending me ur ears when I need sumore to listen to my craps! Thanks!!

Hayley said...

need someone* hehe

Banania said...

welcome baby hayley :D