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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Unforgettable Day

Awww look at them :D Aren't they adorable?
I was back at segar today,former beloved school,i don't care what the papers and press say bout this school! It still rocks to me.
Was so happy that i cried happy tears when i took a nap LOL!
When i first arrived Hayley gave a BIG hug to welcome me home,haha.
Didn't really take much pictures but everything went well as usual,all i can say is this year's Hari Koko was better than last year's.
I hugged everyone,almost everyone! Sue Yeeng told me to hug her one last time cos she's not sure when can she see me again,that phrase made me wanna tear up :(
Nel hugged me and call me dear as usual,smiled to people that i never smiled before,said things to some people who i thought i would never speak to again,this is truly an awesome day!

Dedicated to all of you :D

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