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Thursday, July 01, 2010


Just a quick update :D teehee
I didn't want to approve people that i don't know so i made a page for me.
click here

that's the page,click "like" or GET LOST.
No lah,joking joking :)
One hell of an emo day,cried and think alot,i need to get a life.
Yesterday was shocked by some things,not gonna blog about it,later kena spam.
Need to find maths specialist,im serious here,discussed this with my parents and they were like "GOOD! You need one".
See,i have the potential to be a looser,my next aim is to at least get 2As.

I need a couple of friends to accompany me watch Eclipse,i wanna see HOTTIE Edward and HOTTIE Jacob :D
"Hottie" is their new surname,lol.
Gotta go.
Banana nana nanana............

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