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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Why i broke up with him LOL

Another weird picture of me with uniform

Seriously,why do we have to wear uniforms to school? Don't you think its disgusting?You wear the same clothes for 5 days a week,wash,soak,whatever then dry then iron then wear!

World Cup fever? NAH..the team i rooted for is long long gone,makes me loose my football mode. I wanna watch Eclipse,i wanna watch it with friends and not with my sis since i watched Twilight and New Moon with my sis,which i find really uncomfortable,haha.

I found this,Hayley Williams is amazing :D from the soundtrack of Twilight (she sound awesome even when she's sick)

OK,this is like millions of centuries ago,i don't wanna talk bad bout people,don't ask me what happened bout me and him,i don't like saying it LOL. Beacause it ticks me off,its like repeating the time table over and over again,like during primary school.

Before you chase a girl,prepare,things are not easy,maybe im complicated?I know i am a nutcrack but girls deserve to be treated better DUH


1. Don't always tell your GF you have no money,we don't give a damn,and don't you have a pride to keep? You telling us your lack money makes us feel like your asking it from us,that is fucking nuts man,keep it to yourself please.

2. When your GF texts you and tells you that she's sad/angry or whatever shit,CALL HER! Even if she insists,call her. Talk to her,console her,make her laugh,talk to her till she cheers up and laughs back again,don't be silent,only shut up when we tell you to shut up.

3. Surprise her. Seriously,every guy who really likes their GF would do this,unlike somebody.

4. Call her daily,even if you're busy,every girl would appreciate if you called. Don't call only when your GF asks to,do it cause you know you should do it LAH. Isn't this easy? Just call.

5. See her. Most people can't separate from each other,they stick with each other like sausage and a bun,like hot dogs. Im not one of those cheesy people lah,but if your GF has a distance from you,go and visit her,don't expect her to come to see you,you should see her too.

6. Give her gifts. I don't expect you to "TA-DA" me with a bag or shoe from Charles and Keith or Prada sunnies or a CHANEL bag,whatever it is as long as its not something low budget (for me lah). Get her a necklace with her name on it,whatever you think your GF would like. Don't ever give her nothing! She's worth more than gold. As for girls like,hand me sunblock as a gift and i'll truly appreciate it :D

7. Celebrate those whatever anniversaries,birthdays,all those saries saries crap. For example,your one month anniversary,treat her for a nice meal,call her,or get her a little gift,it shows how much you care,if you totally forgot this,then i would suggest you go buy a pair of scissors (those sharp types that those indian barbers use) amd CUT YOURSELF DOWN THERE.

8. Don't praise other girls and DO not compare your GF's with Jessica Alba or all those HOT shemales. You know why? We are your GF. Simple. We are suppose to be the apple of your eye. Don't tell your GF that someone or who who who is prettier,she may act like she doesn't care but she's actually annoyed,we girls always talk bout hot guys too but we NEVER compare,so if you compare our hotness with others,get dog poo as your car's air freshener.

9. Don't be a bore. Who wants to date a bore? I DON'T. Get some interests or something to do,be fascinating. now most guys would love to brag that they have a hot GF,we wanna brag bout our bf's too. We might say that we like you for who you are but please get a life too LOL. I don't wanna tell people "oh,my bf loves to count every single grain of rice in his plate and he loves to build robots with rocks." DUDE that is embarassing!

10. Tell yourself to be a better BF. I mean it.

Hah,there goes,my blabber for today. Im proud of myself for writing such a poetic article LOL.

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