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Friday, July 02, 2010

Are you ready for solar?

My new accesories,PIMPLES!

Tae Yang's new album is out,who got all the songs pls tell me cos i want :D
I swear,this dude is HOT
I don't know bout other girls,but he just makes me wanna lick him *imma pervert
From his first song "Mygirl" to his latest and famous "Weddingdress".
I've been there listening,i deserve credits from YG entertainment,hahahaha.

I discovered something special about me,i walk fast! LOL
Seriously,i finished school at 12:30PM today and it took me only 10 minutes to walk to a cafe that is quite a distance from my school,i didn't even use the shortcut road.
Claps claps for me*

I desperately wanna get a tattoo,i've said this gazillion times already,
but too bad my religion forbids it,i decided not to care,but my mum will kill me.
I think,i'll still do it.
After my beautiful hole in my tummy is gone,i'll replace it with tounge piercing.
I wanna watch eclipse,and i planned to go with my old female buddy,
we were the best of bffs,we were crazy kids,
i mean,i spent almost 4 years with her,i remember we used to prank call random numbers and told them that we're pizza delivery,and how we climbed somebody's mango tree and stuffed them in out clothes,sleepovers and etc. WE SING WE DANCE WE STEAL THINGS!

Oh yeah,i have an obsession towards avatar now.
I just only watched it last night,got hooked,the effects,stunning!
That dude who created titanic created another masterpiece,i think he has a brain as big as a tissue box.
After that movie,i keep hearing the theme song spinning in my head,
i keep saying "i see you" plus i even dreamt that im Neytiri,the lead actress in the movie. LOL
I dreamt that i was swinging from tree to tree like a baboon,except that im blue.
When i woke up,i was full of sweat,and the air con was like 16 celcius!
HAHAHA! Remember to link me and stay tuned :D

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