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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Attention contact lens wearers!

Ergh,gimme a slap for now please. Or eff me gao gao.
I started tuition,being banned plus im always out celebrating my friends departure,so....
A few days back,started tuition and arrived with very puffy eyes,
eyebags so heavy that my upper eyelid can't hold it any longer PLUS my eyeballs are red!

Then my teacher suddenly mentioned steps to take care of your lenses,
its ok if you wear your lenses daily as long as you take proper care of it,
im serious here,don't be reading and mumbling "nyada nyada" or else your eyes will look like....
im not posting any pictures here that are related to "disgusting" cause i can't even barely look at them,FINE.

All you have to have is.....

1. A pair of lens DUHHH
2. Multi purpose solution (i prefer solocare)
3. Saline solution

There is a difference between saline solution and multi purpose solution,saline is like salt water,you use it to rinse your lenses before you poke it into your eyes,and use it to rub your lenses before soaking it in multi purpose solution,i know its confusing for some people but let's make it this way k... Saline solution is the cheap one and multi purpose solution is the expensive one. Saline solution is cheap and useful so i suggest any contact lenses wearers to get a bottle,usually 3 large bottles cost only RM10++ cheap right? Somemore they give a free mini travel sized bottle of multi purpose solution. Multi purpose solution is more pricey but also important for you to soak your lenses,this removes dirt,protein and bacteria from your lenses BUT you still need to clean it with the cheap solution for a cleaner and fresh feeling especially if you wear the same lens daily. Unless you wanna be blind lah go ahead!

This is how i do it
Before putting on your lens
1. Wash your hands (important! God know's if you dig your nose before you touch your lenses)
2. Wipe your hands
3. Take ONE lens and rub it with saline both up and down for 10 seconds.
4. Poke it into your eyes :D

After using your lens
1. Wash your hands (Yes! Again!)
2. Wipe your hands
3. Pour a lil amount of multi purpose solution in your lens case.
4. Take of your lenses from your eyes and rub it with saline for 10 seconds also.
5. Soak it in the lens case for a minimum of 4 hours to get a really clean feeling.

I did this for a week and i can assure you that this is worth it
1. I don't have to blink so many times cause my lens feels fresh and wet
2. I don't get the "sour" feel when you insert your lens into your eyes first time in the morning
3. My lens feels softer and looks "shiny shiny" liddat when its in my eyes YAY

So make sure you follow these tips cause many people got eye infection.
Its not sexy to have red cracky eyes okay.
BTW im getting new lenses.
Im an anti blue lens person,i think they look fake on me i don't know why LOL
I wanna get pink but....see first lah.


Rainy♥ said...

When wanna wear it, jz use saline solution ony?? multi-purpose X nid??
Can I ony used saline solution no matter i wanna wear it o take it out..

Banania said...

No no no..
you must have both,
multi purpose solution for you to soak it,saline is for you to wash it. You can also use saline as eye drops if ur lens get dry,its better to use saline solution if you wanna have really clean lenses :D