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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Soft hearted freak

See :D
I can never hate anyone,never!
That's not me,after being a emo freak,cheerfulness is back to me.
That's the way it is,maybe because im used to it.
I see things in neon colours now LOL.

I was clearing my room yesterday,
and i found this little note that i wrote back when i was in form2.
The title was "How to be cool",muahahhaa!
Then i saw these drawings of myself and some lousy rubbish,
but for 3 years of me being in secondary school,this "rubbish" note helped me,
so i suggest you girls/guys do the same thing when you're feeling down,it helps.
Tell yourself that your awesome,no one will like you if you don't like yourself,trust me :)

I always read
For some reason i read her blog more than Chuck's blog,visit her too at
She loves her family and her life seems real,it doesn't seem easy,
when i see her blog it feels nice to know that someone like her face problems like mine,
she feels like a sister to me,
so if Daph is reading this i would like her to know that she's awesome :D
she's down to earth and harworking,independent also.

Whatever i do now i'll think of what's best for me,
i know i can be a disc jokey and i know i can work for MTV one day!
Pray for me people :D

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