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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I'll be missing you

As you can see,i got my soul krazy T-shirt :) Im sorry if i ignored my blog for a few days,sometimes i get soooo lazy to blog,i noticed my blog visitors dropped :(

Yeah that's my girl,i've known her since i was 8 years old,best buds.
Geeezz,this will be like a story book,you can stop reading if you want,haha.
Babe why do have to leave so fast??????
When we were kids,we would climb on trees to pick up mangoes remember?
Then we didn't know where we could keep them so we opened up an umbrella and used it to store all the mangoes and we carried it upside down LOL!
Remember when we used to pretend that we're witches?
I guess i got carried away by Sabrina (the teenage witch).
I used to tell you to how to work on spells and stuffs,seriously we were too imaginative.
AND remember when we both became flowergirls? AWWWWW
That was sooo sweet! We did each other's make up and you slept over at my house.
You want me to list down everything,no i can't! There's too much!
Just have a safe trip,call me when you need me,i'll always be online :D

DIU NIA SING im gonna miss you! See im cursing again!
Just take care my babe.
I wanna watch Inception next month,or maybe sometime this month?
C'mon date me out! I have a boring life.

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