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Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Karate Kid

Eclipse,im waiting for the movie

In MPH one utama

At old town,damansara :D

Playing bolt while waiting for my sis to finish her hair treatment that takes forever!

Awww..isn't he the cutest? Look at his smile
Went to pj yesterday to accompany my sis for her hair treatment and to watch a movie.
Jaden Smith is exactly like his dad,cute and talented,i kept saying "so cute" non stop,lol!
This boy is just adorable,
Watch Pursuit of happiness and you know what i mean,he can act.
Its all thanks to his daddy's genes,
and at the end of the movie,Justin Bieber's voice suddenly appeared,ghahaha!
(He sang the soundtrack "Never say never" with Jaden :D)
Its a sunday,i skipped church,i was too tired,did you guys watch the match yesterday?
You know i love both Germany AND Argentina.
But Messi is playing so i rooted for Argentina,i can see dissapointment through his face.
My dad is not a football person,he's the only man on earth who watches football in silence,
i was screaming "MESSI! MESSI! MESSI!" through the whole entire game,
and he was like shaking himself here and there,looking left and right,he only focused on the game when there's something going on. Then continued to shut his eyes.
BUT he was my enemy,he was rooting for the Germans.
School tommorow.
Its a monday,i hate mondays,thanks to assembly.
We have assembly outdoors and it gets friggin hot and sunny when it starts to hit 8AM.
I have to apply stronger SPF sunblock to avoid myself from getting darker,
so anyone of you must start putting on sunblock,you'll get cancer plus you'll end up being as black as a rusted frying pan.
Bought new majolica majorca mascara.
Gave up on maybelline,its time to get a new brand,
im going later to town to get some stuffs,
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thanks people

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