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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tell me what's ya flava bitch

Yes,im oficially home. HERE blogging,bout crap :)
Exam time and i just wanna pass,that's it.
Not interested in studying,that's not me,im more interested in learning not studying.
I wanna change my wardrobe before the clock and calendar hits 2011,
and i need to save up to get a camera,i realy want one!!
Im not a rich ass so i need to either save money,work or wait for money to fall of the sky.

Im into high waisted shorts :D
Who created this is a genius,flowery prints rock my world,they suit virgins like me.
I to wear slippers and sandals compared to heels and flats,they show off my pretty skinny feet and polished toe nails.

Photos courtesy of
Awesome page,join and like it.
Vintage clothing are so in right now,even though hip hop is forever my love but lets make a smoothy with it,who know's it might be a great look.
Im off now,ciao!


Benson said...

i love the 1st chick ~ phew see her leg ? so sexy ~XP

Banania said...

don so gatal la you HAHA

Benson said...

XD~ lol ! if nt gatal not boy looo~