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Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm loosing alot of things....

Pretty isn't it? I wish it was my design but it isn't. Found this on google.

Fashion communication & journalism? Or Mass communication?
Dilemma in choosing both courses that i hearts!
Many friends say I like choosing "unrealistic" courses,I'm wondering what do they mean by that,are they saying that I'm not good enough? Or just to bold to study whatever the shit I'm interested in,what to do? Mamma gave me the guts to do whatever i like,T.I style :)
Most of my friends,they choose to study accounting,business & such,I also have no interest & talent in those courses,as the whole earth know's,I suck & hate maths.
Maybe I'm meant to be more of a artistic person? God knows.
I don't know why,feels like I'm loosing lots of things that I love.
I'm constantly feeling that I am not good enough,that I am not that special.
I'm still positive,its just that sometimes I get so unsatisfied of myself.
I'm like a piece of blank paper that needs to be scribbled by colorful crayons.
I need to stop thinking bout what other people will think.
Sometimes people can be so mean,they talk as if they don't care bout what other's will feel.
I think I'm gonna prove to "these" people that you can't judge a book by its cover. *sighs*
Its another emo post,you can choose to leave,or read if you also have a little bit of concern towards my feelings.
I have no idea what to study coz i keep having concerns bout how my results will be,how will it turn out,good or bad?? For now my only wish is to be able to study the course i want,I wanna have excitement in my dull life,its true what people say,you can't do anything without money.
I read today's paper & saw that Raffles has offers for "Bachelor of Fashion communication & journalism",I start to daydream bout rainbows & butterflies again,but then I can only study that course in SINGAPORE,so far.
I'm gonna try my best,anything to get into the world of media & fashion! :)
Btw i missed out on feb's issue of vivi so i found a website online where you can read vivi for free,just click here for the link,if your thankful then I'm welcomed!

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