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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hair ♥

Waiting for my hair to grow longer patiently :)
I know its a long process but I'm willing to wait cause my hair is getting weird.
It is growing really fast but i loose lots of hair & i mean it! *GASP*
Everytime i finish my shower & head into my room,hair drops down my newly cleaned floor & everytime i start brushing my hair after putting on leave on conditioner,its drops more than i can ever imagine,up to one stage when i was so freaked out the first thought on my mind was "DO I HAVE SOME ILLNESS LIKE CANCER?@@". Lol I'm just freaking out.

Remember that drama I'm currently loving? Dream High :D
Yeah,Suzy's character Hyemi is getting more & more adorable,even though she still hasn't lost her bitchiness & sometimes her attitude makes me wanna punch that pretty face of her's - -
Here are some really cute pictures of Suzy i found on Google :) At least her pretty face can fill up my blog for sometime cause I am not taking pictures lately. Sorry people,not interested in showing my face,skin problems as always,cheebye betul.

During Suzy's school time,she's so kao fair,I'm nothing compared to her - -

Good girl bad girl musiv video :)

Breath music video,she's so prettay!

I'd backpack from here to Thailand to get her skin - -

This scene from Dream High!!! Sweet :) I actually pretty like this guy even though he has bad dressing taste.


Yeah guys do you remember Jipaban? The online shopping site?? Its really awesome & they have Chinese new year & Valentine's day special. The great thing about shopping online is that we don't have to dress up,go out & then browse around malls & tire yourself walking around a big damn mall for hours! Like me :) You can just lay naked in your room,sit on your chair & click through Jipaban,their prices are reasonable & Jipaban provides great quality products. And right now they're having special promo's for CNY & Valentines day! You can shop for gifts for your loved ones or just get yourself a good dress for CNY? :D


Click here to go to Jipaban for a extra comfortable shooping experience!
Enjoy your shopping!

Madamoiselle Nia.

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