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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sneak peek from NY fashion week 2011

Lemme share some stuffs,recent activities. I am really into using flickr since I already abandoned photobucket for centuries. Quite nice one! Its more organized I think,so I won't mess up on my albums. Have been updating frequently nowadays cuz I already have a not so limited access to the internet. Awesome-ness :D
I just came back from school,some singing competition was held,I was suppose to sing & participate but I didn't. So I stayed back to support baby Neesha & the other pretty ladies,even boyfie came to see me,thank god he did! He gave me a ride home,now I don't have to trouble the poor malay aunty again.
My pimples are popping out like popcorn's again! Eff the universe! I can't control sebum production,I'm tired of always concerning bout it,I guess I should just leave it to heal by itself? New York fashion week just passed by people :)
Read it from the newspaper's yesterday,Kinkybluefairy wrote a fashion column for the star,gosh I wish it was my job! It'll be so fun to write about something so exquisite & divine,its NY fashion week!

Here are a few pictures from NY fashion week spring collections

second day,spring collections
sixth day,spring collections.
fifth day,spring collections.

Its spring now,even though malaysia has no spring,lol. But I decide to blog bout it :) the colours are so pretty. Perfect way to usher the upcoming summer,my most awaited season looks because we malaysians are more suitable to wear summer clothings :(

I'm loving Kate Spade's fall hair do's!!
I don't really get her pose but I love her hair colour & the waves :)

The celebrity hairstylist - Matthew Monzon,was trying to reminiscent the looks of 1960s model Jean Shrimpton.

Oh yup,I've added some tabs at the top of my blog so you people can check it out,it looks more organized this way & my sidebar is less pack already :) I'm gonna blog more bout fashion week!


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