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Monday, February 21, 2011

Can she kill him?

Diary Entry

Angry bear

She is as angry as this bear. She is so angry she was about to explode in the midst of her stuffed toys,can she stand it? Will she able to bear her anger? No wonder people call it "bear" because bears "bear" their anger,is that even the point what the heck? Its always about him,no other people can make her angry other than him,HE is the cause of her misery,her sadness & her miserable-ness. She want's to kick his balls off but she can't,she's not willing to do that. But now,she is willing to do that. This "she" is me. That "him" is not my boyfriend.

Today was one freaking hell of a day. I woke up at 6.30AM & was supposed to go to school because its a monday. I was so the freaking hell tired,went out the whole day yesterday,slept late chatting with my sis bout the future. Then when i woke up I was so kao dizzy that my legs can't hold me on the floor any longer,so i skipped school. I promised myself to go to tuition to replace school,guess what? Tuition also skip,cheebai!

Monday's subs are maths & science,mostly jam packed & the room will be stuffy sial,my choice of attire for the day is singlet & shorts,its just a darn plain grey singlet & my usual denim shorts! I didn't even wear contact lens & just wore my glasses out WTF. HE said i was too sexy for tuition & will NOT drive me to tuition unless i change,if i don't then no tuition. Is that even an excuse? Who cares what i wear? I really don't understand him. I really wish he'd change for the better,better than making everyone hate him. He paid 90$ for my tuition & now i'm skipping,its bullshit waste of money man. Then how about next month? Should i even attend tuition? I don't wanna see his grumpy face sending me to tuition & his reluctant-ness to give me my tuition fees. I'm so fucking upset with him.

I wish he'd change but he won't. Its been years but no changes. Now i think i'll just stop expecting something or anything from him.

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