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Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Yesterday was one hell of a fucking day.
I made up my mind to end things,hoping that after ending things,everything will be less complicated & they'll be less fights. You see,i knew this stage would come,the stage where couples would argue when they don't agree with each other & all those shits,i knew it. People tell me, "Oh Nia,you can't always expect the good things." Of course i know that! But do we really have to argue about everything everytime? I don't think so.

So know we are what we call,under construction? Ugh. I told myself i was making the right choice yesterday,but after thinking of it & turning to my left side seeing the stuffed toy he gave me,i cried & start feeling sour all over. I called him,told him that u i can't do this,he said i CAN do this,cause i'm strong,i am strong! But i wasn't. Now i woke up feeling shitty,i didn't cry,i don't really cry for boys,i'm actually quite egoistic than a guy. I love my pride,but for him there's no such thing as pride,i love him to bits.

I don't think we're a bad couple. In fact we're so sweet i can write a whole novel about us beginning with how we first met. We met on facebook,he was someone who i enjoyed talking to,especially bout things that we like in common. He gets my humor & i ended up texting with him. Our first date was watching step up 3D,we weren't a couple yet that time,but he treated me like his girlfriend & now i am his girlfriend,his first. Its so easy for me to get a new guy anytime i want depending on my mood,but i can never find someone like him. He's just someone who's so......cheerful.

He has imperfections,me too,everyone does,i don't hate them,sometimes i like his imperfections,like how lazy he is to dress up,even though i did lost my sense of fashion when i started dating him,lol. But i enjoyed every second with him knowing that he wouldn't care how i'd look like,he'll still say i'm pretty.

Sometimes i love you
More than you'll ever know
Other times you get on my nerves (hey)
That's just reality
No, it can't always be
Kisses, hugs, and beautiful words

This can only be as good as we both make it
Guess sometimes its gonna hurt (guess sometimes its gonna hurt)
We can be as happy as we want to be girl
But we gotta make it work
We gotta make it work...

Thick and thin,
The bad outweighs the good sometimes
That doesn't mean we're 'spose to give it up
My problems are yours,and yours are mine


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