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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Don't EVER let frustration rule you!

My tigger!! Cute isn't it?

I'm fine,me & him we're both okay now,I knew I'd win,relationships are meant to be taken care off & I really don't want something small to ruin a thing that means so much to me. It is hard,we're still students,me & him,we're gonna be busy studying & doing our own things,sometimes we get frustrated over little things & I really think that next time we shouldn't let things get out of hand.

Note to baby boy
Life is not easy now I know,its hard too,let's just keep things simple. I do get jealous seeing other people doing luxurious things like dining in fine restaurants & getting LV's as gifts but why do we need to do that? Just because its a trend? And I never mean what I say,you also shouldn't let frustration take over your soul. Whatever! I still love you as always.

Skip that part. I have been browsing through magazines,lately I've been really broke & I don't have money to get myself any new clothes & shoes :( So i decided to do something with what I have,I promised myself that I'll have plenty of time to get things for myself after I'm done with my studies in secondary school,I guess its better that way,I can also learn to be creative with the items I already earn. I'm so in love with clog heels! I found a pair online for 70+ & that's not bad for a pair of pretty clog heels. It all started when I was flipping through ViVi's January issue,maybe I'll be able to save to get a pair? :)

I love this song since the moment i heard it! Have always loved Rihanna,I think she looks really gorgeous here,usually she's so punkish coz of her short pixie hair do,but in this vid her hair looks so cute. You guys noticed her florals in here? The colours & flowers & all the prints are so pretty :) Love it

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