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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Happy chinese new year 2011 ♥

Damn this was a total waste of money! I've always wanted to try the "super" nudy series,so i got one from Maple,a really nice seller,i ordered 2 pairs,one for me & one for boyfie,super nudy brown for me,I knew the diameter is 16mm but its so uncomfortable to wear! Maybe I'm the one not used to it but I really don't like the feeling of it covering almost the whole of my pupil,omgoshhh it was such a pain wearing it! But never try never know right? The packaging is so cute though,Super Barbie is famous for the packaging,but I will NEVER get such big diameter lens again! *sighs*

Vlog 1 : Owl morning,lol......enjoy my sleepy face

I forgot to wish all my blogger buddies happy chinese new year :)
I'm waiting for boyf to come take me to McD's now.
Its been a while since i saw him,gonna talk alot with boyf later.
School's gonna re-open soon,are you ready? Fucking no huh? Yeah me too :(
Anyways,be as cute as rabbits this year! May you be filled with JOY!
Cz to me joy is better than wealth,no point enjoying things without joy.
Ok bye!

GD & TOP - Jibe Gajima (Don't Go Home)

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