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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why not? + I am crazy over this couple

Ola!!!!! I'm gonna be home for today & tomorrow,so yay,means I get to chill at home & do nothing :) I went on Tumblr yesterday just to freaking post something Victorious related & if you don't know what the fish is Victorious it's a tv show airing at Nickelodeon & even though my bias is Victoria Justice I am crazy over this couple named Beck & Jade,they are so perfect together,how can you not like sweet couples?!!

Go ahead,say awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :D
I know,some of you may like those typical cheesy love kinda couple,I like this kinda couple,they are realistic & I love how Beck is so patient no matter how feisty Jade is,plus he's cute & she's hot so what is bad about that? Heh I like good looking people AND couples. I love how they sit,Jade is always wrapping one leg over Beck & he's always hugging her & I love it when they kiss,they are so cute!!

Which reminds me. I got a list of things to do in my teenage dream list,SO MANY freaking things to do which I will do very very slowly,one at a time,one at a time. I'm not emo or anything but I love piercings & tattoos,I'm an anti emo person okay. I am planning to get wordings on my arms,I even found out what fonts I wanna use already. As for piercings,I did a navel piercing when I was 15 & it turned out bad,so bad I am NEVER ever gonna pierce any part of me except for my ear at that place,I think they use some made in China tools. So I'm getting my navel pierced again to cover up the dot there which is my father effing scar & I might be piercing my eyebrow,the right one,I don't think I might,I think I will do it,it's pretty & I don't care what people think,just don't call me emo or I'll stab you with a fork.

Doesn't look that painful to me,well..not to someone who has had a needle stuck in her flesh before (I'm talking about myself)

My current facebook status. It's something personal but I thought of sharing something just as a reminder to my other facebook buddies about appreciating what they got,just a little something. I got nothing on fashion lately,but I do know London Fashion week started last Friday :) I am gonna go on later to check out the runway designs,British designer I love,Vivienne Westwood! If any of you peepoes watched Sex in the city the movie,Carrie Bradshaw wore a dress from Vivienne for her wedding,it's so puffy & gorgeous,here,a little sneak peak.