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Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I'm back from school!!! English & BM has been okay so far,no BIG problem or any issues even though I did skip certain parts for BM cuz I had no idea what to do at that section but who cares I did the rest & I think I can get full marks at certain areas so bravo to me. I had to come up & blog & write something,I'm having maths tomorrow so before I start doing my revisions I wanna do something else. And oh yeah I added a tab to go to my Tumblr up there,my friend actually asked why I have Tumblr when I already have a blog? Tumbr is normally where I can go emo & sentimental or just plain madness. So navigate yourself through all these tabs provided cuz I ain't so free to tell you twice :) I will be coming up to write whenever I can,usually I will be on twitter so follow me there if you haven't cuz I tweet everytime even during exams just to rant,lol. Okay, hard alright? If you are like me & aren't confident in certain subjects (as for me I suck at maths),try your best la,don't give up just cuz you feel useless already (even though I feel useless too). A friend of mine once say that you don't have to get an A,getting a 10% when you got only 9% previously is also a tiny step of improvement so there's room for more,this is just the trials,who knows during the real thing you will get better results? Maybe a pass to those who always fail? And maybe an A to those who always get average marks? We can never predict the future so try la,that's why people always tell you to do your best :) 

Good luck!