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Sunday, September 18, 2011

The 'A' week

I sat 2 previous subjects that I aim to get an A for. Now I have 3 subjects left to ace,hoping to get 80% & above,not an easy task but I'm gonna try,for me,getting 5A's for this trials is a big deal,cuz if I can get 5A's I can raise the bar higher & aim for 7A's. I always believe in possibilities. Why not? 

I'm tired of being underestimated,misjudged & misunderstood. Maybe & hopefully,with results,even though not excellent,I can prove that I do have the brains to do things. I seriously fucking hate it when people say I rely on being pretty to survive,I am not even that pretty,so why do I need to rely on my pimply face? Laugh out loud? Since I can't blog much & I got no inspirations lately maybe I'll do vlogs,they are more random & I guess some of my readers wouldn't mind seeing me talking plus I am a random person anyways :D 

I randomly recorded this for baby V,a friend :) just some words of encouragement. She likes it! So do other people,I guess they all agree with what I say. I do have a thing for doing videos lately & I am in love with this girl named Lexi (not literally la). 

I also might be changing missbanania to something else. I don't like it,it's starting to bug me. I'm trying to come up with something more catchy :) can you help me figure it out?? Then I'm gonna change my blog url & also my email. Take care guys! xoxo