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Thursday, September 15, 2011

MY Challenge 2011

When I don't blog,money won't come into my account,but thank God I still got some money pouring in & I also don't do adverts lately,I'm lazy,but I blog for fun,not for money,so nevermind. GUESS HOW MANY FREAKING DAYS I DIDN'T BLOG? I lost count,I'm bad at math anyways & I still have exams,just that I don't care,I have to be online & update something on facebook. I went to support one of my most epic friends last Saturday at KDU,baby Vaneesha,she joined this Olympic themed competition where many kids from different schools come compete in different categories,I didn't know that it was THIS competitive & the participants are THAT talented :) I had no camera,nothing,so photos are from MY Challenge's official facebook page,go support!! These are a few pictures from the event,I'm gonna put weird & interesting captions for each of them,I don't care what you say,hahahhahaa. Some are from my epic friends' camera,the shutter bugs.

I look fair. Look at Reenosha,like diva sial,Reenosh,if you reading this,honestly you are like Malaysian's Rihanna :D

These girls are really hot & they have the cutest outfits ever,they danced to Candyman :)

Every school has their own large banner displayed outside the auditorium,awesome sial. THIS IS baby Vaneesha & a banner of herself,look at her before her stage costumes & make up,hahahah!! Still so cute :)

This girl,Christine Nah I think,her group won best dance group,they are really awesome cuz they danced to 2NE1's song plus her hair really made her stand out,looks like Sandara Park's hair eh?

The emcee's

We got the chance to meet,talk & take photos with Jeremy from He is such a cutie!!!!!! 

They sang 'I see the light' from Tangled,so much chemistry & they are really sweet together. My favourite duet,cuz I think the girl,Jodi,is really cute,hahahaha I like pretty people :)

They made me laugh :) Bronze winner for the drama category.

Drama category,silver medal winners.

Henry Golding,one of the highlights of that day,everyone wants him!!


Reenosha is truly shameless & I'm proud of her,she grabbed every chance she can just to get near him & take photos with him & talk to him & get his autograph,it's good to be shameless!

Even Lorraine also starstruck. Reminds me of Selena & Justin :)

US!!! From the left,me :) Samantha,Michelle,Henry,Reenosha

GROUP PHOTO!!!! After everything is finished,we just have to take a group shot :) The banner I'm holding,the green one,is made by Ngui,literally has socks on it,but he took them down & went home,lol.

What Neesha wore for her performance :) Lookin like a queen

She sang 'Someone like you' by Adele by the way :)

The cutest mak cik there with his signature pose :)

Pretty people.

Cute people.

How can I forget about myself & mr Golding????!!! Don't even bother asking how it felt meeting him,I was shaking the whole time & can't even look at his face but nevermind la,got picture,so that I can lie to my kids in the future that he used to be my boyfriend.

Lastly,for Vaneesha,the main reason I blogged today was because of you,I have something to say.
Another cheesy post,but you won't care,cuz I know this will make your day :)
You did really well,you went on stage,you sang,you made us clap & cheer,who needs medals when you have a bunch of supportive people??? & people who love you??? :) We will always be there for you,so don't ever worry about your performance being good or bad cuz it is always good to us,we just want to see you do your thing! I hope you will continue singing,it is a gift given to you. You made my day,I think in fact,you made our day so much more worthwhile that day :) WE LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! And I will always be there for you. Yes go on,be touched,I'm awesome :)