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Saturday, October 01, 2011

Boredom ruins the soul of teenagers

I am really bored. My chatbox on facebook is on. There are 81 people online & I don't know who to holla to. I admit that I do have an ego & I usually prefer other people to talk to me first. So,whatever la.

My mom gave them to me,these are actually her's but she got the wrong size & they end up being mine,yay?! Today was hella confusing & boring,I woke up at bloody 8AM just to get ready to go to this Padini Warehouse sale cuz everything would cost only RM5 & when I woke up I got a text from Vincent,he gave me a short example of how the place would be like & he was EXACTLY RIGHT. I didn't use much make up today,just bb cream & tinted moisturizer & the normal compact powder plus a few coats of mascara & blusher. I even wore shorts,who cares what she thinks? Me wearing shorts doesn't mean I'm a slut.

Oh yeah I forgot,the warehouse sale area was bloody crowded & congested I don't even know how to describe it. Kiasu Malaysians. Plus the second time we came it was raining heavily & we were stuck in the car. Even with earphones plugged in I can hear my sisters & mom laughing in the car plus the va-va-voom thunder & rain that poured like there's no tomorrow,what the hell. I even saw these people bringing their tiny babies & kids there,what the eff are they thinking? I would never EVER bring my kid to a crowded place like that. I am sort of claustrophobic. And did I mention that i don't sweat? Laugh out loud?! YEAH I DON'T! I have the ability to control my sweat glands. Well I do sweat but I can control myself. But sometimes I can't. But usually I can. I hate sweating,it's gross. You get sticky all over & you stink,even with perfume.

Look at the date. It's the 1st of October 11' & I hate myself for not bothering to study. I am not a study kinda person,seeing my thick spm revision books grosses me out period. What should I do?? I guess I STILL HAVE to study. About the tattoos I'm getting at the end of the year. I already chose a font,Jane Austen & Courier :) And my red velvet cupcake hair too. I just want school to end. I'm tired being a kid,it feels like a burden to everyone at home,even to myself. Tick tock tick tock.