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Sunday, October 09, 2011

The smell of rain

The rain smells weird,is it acid rain? You know nowadays,with all the pollution going on,even rain smells like fart,gross. My blog is not dead. Some girl came up & told me that I haven't been blogging here lately,as if I don't know that. At the same time I'm flattered,like 'wow,someone reads the crap I call a blog?'. I've been busy,sorry about that. I've been busy with nothing actually. I am still sick,mild level now. I am freaking out over spm & I am trying to think of ways to improve my life cuz I'm starting to feel like I got nothing to offer. I am 16 years old you see,I think a lot. People change,well I do too. The main thing here is that,I come here to write. Often times I write things that maybe many other teenagers won't really understand. But whatever right? My blog has always been about self satisfaction. I am a fashion blogger,when I get inspired by certain people or celebrities or see things that I like I will share them here. But I also write about things that personal,it's just that I alter them in a way that makes no sense,just so people won't really get the idea of what I'm saying. Like now. You're never gonna understand what this post is about. I said it before that I'm a totally random person.

Like right now,you have no freaking idea how much I dread going to school. Ugh. It is a total waste of time! I know this is my second last month & I know I will miss school but I'm just starting to become more & more anxious. I do not have any patience now. I want spm to be over! I just wanna sit for it & get it done right away. I told Nadine that spm is like a rash that you wanna scratch but you know you shouldn't because it's bad. Sort of. It's a distraction. TOTAL DISTRACTION. Other people feel that they have WAY to many distractions to study for spm. But spm IS a distraction to me cuz whenever I wanna do something,even little things like watching tv,I'd be thinking 'oh bloody hell,I need to study,it's spm time.'. So I head back to my room & end up doing nothing cuz studying only appeals to me by mood,which comes in seasons,which comes in time,but time may not be enough. Worse is,time may even not come.

Can someone bring me some donuts? Big Apple or Krispy Kreme? :((