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Saturday, October 08, 2011


I'm sick.
Suffering Tonsillitis,which is painful :( even when drinking & eating so I always avoid doing it at all costs but I have to drink in order to get better. I can't go out,I don't want to,I'M SICK! I just recovered from my fever & I swear it was one of my worst fever ever cuz of the pumping headaches & body temperature changes.


If you are constantly bored of reading this blog you can always go to my Tumblr,I'm addicted to it! I never thought Tumblr-ing can be so fun!!! I can re-blog & post photos of what I am into at the moment & no one gives two shits about what you do :D only 30++ days to spm,I still haven't completed my syllabus,but whatever,I ain't gonna study at a mood like this,I'm too sick to think of anything,I'm blogging right now because I had some energy from all the medicine I took,I guess I'm gonna sleep later too.

Take care,bring an umbrella anywhere you go to protect yourself from rain & the harmful UV rays. Use sunblock & do not go out waste your time under hot Malaysian weather unless you really need to. Or else you'll end up like me. :((