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Friday, June 03, 2011

Review: Liese Juicy Shower

Hey people! I am back,after writing down my thoughts & emo-ness down,took a break,chilled & now I am here writing doing a product review :) I got some results on my poll & I decided to make a review because I STILL HAVEN'T TAKEN ANY PHOTOS FOR A FASHION POST. Screw me. And thanks to those who left a comment at my previous emo post telling me to cheer up,I did cheer up :) Teehee.

I've been owning & using this product for more than 3 months now & I love it. I got it for RM30+ from Watsons & after so many months the bottle is still sort of full & the best thing about it is it doesn't lack in the packaging department,the product is cute,it's pink,what more can a girl look for? :D

Full size of the Liese Juicy Shower.

Liese is Japanese brand,really cute,offers all sorts of hair products & they have 1 of the most prettiest hair dyes ever & I notice that most of their products are sort of fruity by name & scent,which is one of the many reasons why girls love getting them even me. So far this is my 2nd Liese product owned by me,I actually bought this together with my Liese Chestnut Brown hair dye & I also love the colour as it was really natural & perfectly close to my own hair colour which is already brown enough.

The Liese Juicy Shower is meant to be sprayed onto dry frizzy hair & replenish moisture to your dry locks. I also use it after shower sometimes,to spray my hair to give it some ooomph during dates & outings & before & after styling,whether it's with an straightening iron or a curling tong. 

I do not have dry nor frizzy hair but I do need something to give my hair moisture especially after styling because they tend to lack shine & look sort of dry so I will use this as my hair "lotion" to give it some moisture & also before it to give my hair a barrier before I style it with heated tools. I was tempted to get Sexy Girl's hair perfume but this also happens to smell of really sweet berries so I just use it as my hair perfume plus it's way cheaper than Sexy Girl's.

Hair after using the Juicy Shower without any styling done.

I got very fine hair so I usually just spray this on & scrunch up my hair for some volume.

How I use the Juicy Shower:
  1. After washing hair as usual spray on the Juicy Shower onto hair focusing on the ends.
  2. Use a straightening iron & straighten hair until desired look.
  3. Spray more Juicy Shower onto hair especially on areas like the ends & I also put some of the Juicy Shower into a tiny spray bottle & carry it in my handbag.

So here's what I think:
Best thing about this product is that it makes your hair look a tad bit better & smells fresher & it's also versatile & moisturizing without the greasiness of hair serum & stickiness of a gel or cream based hair cream,which is good for almost all types of hair even for people with oily scalp. So I gotta say I like it pretty much,a full size bottle goes a long way & I barely go out much so I can use this for probably more than a year! I'm happy with it.

  • Smells good,very sweet,you'll smell like a berry garden with this.
  • Is not sticky & greasy
  • Can be used for practically anything

  • Bottle is sort of big & very genie like,haha. So if you want to carry it out you'd probably need to get 1 of those mini spray bottles. I got mine from Daiso & it's prefectly cute!
  • The scent isn't that long lasting
Who says you can't have smooth hair? :D 
Look at the colour of my hair under sunlight,it's a mix of red & brown,this is why I skip assembly,imagine what would the teacher do to me if they'd saw this colour on my hair.

Remember the french manicure I said I'd do? Here it is!

Not perfect but yeah,I did my best. Plus I'm right handed so doing my left arm is such a pain in the ass!
Using Sally Hansen's French Manicure Kit to those who are interested,try getting it so you can DIY :)

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This is my very 1st official review. Hope it's good,leave me a comment with your opinions & suggestions please! Thank you