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Saturday, June 25, 2011

When being good is never enough

I just took a couple of photos yesterday for my blog header,decide to funk things up a bit,but I still like my previous header with the kitty,but come on,something new is not bad either. Just returned from school,mom talked with my class teacher about my results,so & so. The same thing is said,I'm smart but lazy,yeah yeah I know that,there is no cure for laziness,some days I just get so energized to study,but once I get lazy-fied,nothing in the world can stop me from being lazy,so what can I do? Force myself to study? But in the end,I ended up being asleep after 2 minutes of staring at unknown sentences. Now is no time for god damn long notes,I'm skipping to shorter notes & doing what I can to memorize all the things I learn. Come on brain,please be active for me! Remember the previous polyvore mash up I did with the floral print dress? Yeah yeah,I took a photo yesterday,but I don't know where the picture went so I just uploaded these up,take a look.

 The material,the pattern,it's a very "pasty" sort of green,not sure what the hell pasty means btw. The green looks faded,so it looks very vintage,with white polka dots,unseen from a distance,the florals are bigger,I didn't want small tiny flowers because I have a romper like those already.
Green floral dress from Subang Parade.

That floral bangle,pretty isn't it? I think my mom got it from Malacca for me. 
White pearl bracelets from Forever 21.

Some pictures from Malacca,note that I am not posting any pictures of my sister because she might wanna keep it private. I got stupid captions for each photo.

 I just sailed. My ship is so huge & I parked on land instead of the seaside. Wth?

 This is actually the replica of some ship that came a long time ago to Malacca. But inside full of pahlawan Melayu (ancient malay warriors) info's,statues & pictures wth? Aren't they suppose to display portugese people that came? That's like taking pride of something that doesn't belong to you,how lame. But the ship is really pretty :)

 Stupid pimply face. Dude with stripes behind me,I don't know him.

 I lost that fedora I'm wearing,in the hotel,in the midst of gloominess. I regret letting my anger take over me! Now my hat is probably worn by the uncle who owns the hotel I stayed at,wth?

 I look like Garfield here.

 This is such an awkward pose. Is that dude with the pink shirt staring at me? Wth.

 I like that thing behind me,it's pretty. But that hat,on top of the bushes,wth is it doing there? Must be my sister -____-

 The only picture of my sister,she's actually naked here.

 We took a ride on this thing,it was fun :) The view is nice.

Took a ride in this,we chose the flowery one,hahaha. The driver,wth? I mean the guy who brought us for a ride,played dangdut music & it was horrible. In the end,he played Justin Bieber & Train so I felt better. Btw I did scream that I wanted to listen to Justin Bieber so I think he heard me,that's why he changed his music.

Very few pictures during the night,the camera is getting older,but we still use it anyways,as long as it's still functioning,but I definitely prefer a better camera,so I hope to buy 1 soon.

During the trip,we saw tons of people walking with semi pro cameras & (not sounding racist) but there is this particular race of people,love showing off their expensive cameras & taking pictures as if they got no tomorrow. It's actually alright to snap photos,but people can tell if you're really snapping shots or just showing off. They,are showing off. Is it that necessary? To shove cameras in front of other people's face? Doink much? So if you own a pro or semi pro camera,or just happen to own a very nice item,it's okay to show it & use it but please do not purposely show off,it's annoying to people like me,it just makes you seem pathetic & cheap & thirsty for stupid attention. That's just lame.

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Nia Leah