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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm gonna be a puffy creature soon

What the F at my post title. HAHAHA Yes I'm going to be puffy soon. Literally!
Will start to follow a sort of strict regimen for better health & of course to heal acne,I got horrible acne & I am SICK of people asking me stupid questions regarding acne & I am starting today! I even made a marquee above my blog posts to remind myself & you readers to always take good care of yourself because girls deserve to be beautiful. Don't mess with me. *evil laugh*

Me,last year I think,yeah. Sweet 16 during Bryan's birthday.

Me,around new year's 2011.

Notice how my hair is always not too long & not too short? Side parting with soft bangs,not blunt bangs. And it MUST be shoulder length,I am also not a black hair kinda girl,even when I dye my hair black when teachers start giving me warning,my hair will always return to being brownish making it look as though I just did some highlighting -_____- quite irritating when you're a student,but I don't care,I just can't handle pure black hair. I'm biased. *cough cough* 
I miss myself back then,I don't use thick make up lately compared to before. I want to draw back my cat eye make up,but I'm loosing my signature hairstyle,wanna look more tough,the kind of don't touch me or I'll kick your ass look. 

I cut my hair like this,nice or not? Bwahaha,I had the sudden urge to look like some rocker chick on a Sunday,holy molly cow. But my hair is NOT this puffy. Sad :(
So I'm going to do my very 1st puff treatment to make it puffy like this,my 1st time so I don't know what the hell will the aunty do to me but let's hope for the best puff in the world.


What I will do now is
  1. Wait for my fringe to grow longer so it'll look cooler.
  2. Go to the salon & do the puff treatment or whatever they call it.
  3. Take new pictures.

Ok people,homework time now while listening to The Eagles' Hotel California!
By the way,I don't know where my readers went,its as if I have none,don't make me sad please,sighs.

Nia Leah