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Sunday, January 23, 2011

hi hi bye bye :(

School started for centuries and i also didn't write anything in my online diary for centuries. Many people claim that facebook will shut down & the the earth is gonna explode but why the fuck am i still here? -.- Don't be fooled by stupid info's you read online people. CNY is coming...even though i ain't celebrating but i'm looking forward to a couple of things to do. I created "THE LIST" three days ago & everytime i look at it,i feel like heaven! AHHHH all the things i plan to do & all the things i wanna do...they're all humanly possible that's why i'm so looking forward to try to accomplish them. Bought so many magazines lately wtf.....i know i'm always buying magazines,hobby ma... Then i saw these really pretty thick heeled booties that are in ViVi's january issue,so pretty! Red lips is back :) I told boyfie that i'm gonna curl my hair but i guess not...i'd rather get a curling tong & curl my hair MYSELF. Planning to get a 32mm curling tong,preferably japanese brand. I feel so evil for not writing anything in my poor lifeless blog,blame it on spm & stupid bannings for me to online,i only online on weekends,i usually only online to blog by the way,but i'm restricted to,so wtf? :D

You know you love me,XOXO.

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