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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1112011 :)

I fell asleep during BM period today,was able to go to the washroom & wash up to get energized,i swear to myself not to freakin fall asleep again during class,reminding myself that its spm year! Double the hate to spm -.- hope it just passes fast & stop making people like me gan jeong!

Just sharing a hairstyle i would wanna try after i finish my big exams :D
Some people said I've gone nuts but i don't see anything wrong with it? You only live once so live your life.

Jia Pictures, Images and Photos

Miss A - JiA, Suzy Pictures, Images and Photos

Jia Pictures, Images and Photos

What do you think? I don't want bad comments & opinions so roll out of here if your about to say i'm crazy cause i'm pretty sure i'm normal wtf -.- This is Jia from Miss A by the way,isn't she lovely? Just the kind of girl i like (i sound lesbo). I like this alot!!!! Her hair here is practically gorgeous! I will try this :) & after that i'll bleach my hair white,yeah,i'm not joking -.- call me an attention seeker,i'm just living my life before chicken little says the sky is falling AGAIN.


Jia is blonde here :D

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