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Saturday, January 08, 2011

away from books at last

I look a little bit cacat here wtf. Camwhoring before going out with boyfie to a friend's 4 course,their all in college studying fun things while i'm here studying crap,so jealous lor. This is my first pic with black hair in 2011 & i don't like it :( You know when you dye your hair too much it can look dry plus i used a straightening iron yesterday to straighten my hair up,too much of flyaway's. Even after using Liese berry hair spray & my Lucido-L styling cream STILL DRY looking,haizzz...torture much! Being a girl is fucking difficult.

Take one. This one is ok :D
Can you see my pimples? LOL.

Take two. This is ok too :D

Btw did i mentioned that i'm using these super awesome BB cream's right now? I got 4 packets of free SHILLS BB cream from my lens seller,i love you Maple :) AND another one is skin aqua BB cream,a new product from japan (another japanese skincare & make up freak),hehe. I don't have the full bottles so i went to Daiso (another japanese store -.-) to get two cute storage cases & store both of my BB creams in it,i shall blog about it soon! BB Cream is good if you have acne like me,cause you can't slather thick make up onto your skin,NEVER. And make up removal is important too. REMEMBER!

First week of school went great,i actually had fun studying & i did not fall asleep during class which is why i think i deserve a prize,i shall reward myself to good food soon! Maybe steamboat? I gained weight i think? Who cares! You only live once -.- I know many people are fussing bout CNY coming soon but let me repeat this,WHO CARES?! CNY has good food and if you don't eat then don't even call it a celebration,i don't know how to celebrate CNY since i'm not even chinese,lol. Kinda missing some things lately,i REALLY miss the feeling of hanging out with a girlfriend,drinking bubble tea,shopping,chatting & stuffs,i mean..i do have female buddies but they're not the type that do all these girly stuffs :( Plus i really don't feel like asking anybody out,haizzzz...

You know you love me,xoxo.

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