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Sunday, January 02, 2011

❥ 212011

Photo's are in very low quality,sorry!

Miliyah Kato for January issue of ViVi

No self portraits lately,hehe sorry! This is just a short diary update,yesterday went to town to get some revision books,maths,ugh! So annoying & hard :( Got science too,i feel so revived at the same time,can't wait to start all over again,maybe i can get better results this time? Yeah,that's something i gotta try & wish me good luck!

Note to blog readers
I'll be less online then i usually do but of course i'll still update or you are free to e-mail me & ask me anything through e-mail or ask for my msn,don't message me at facebook cause im really lazy to read my messages there,paiseh! So since i'm less online i shall spare my time by

● Doing revisions
● Finish watching Gossip Girl season 1
● Sms with boyfie
● Exercise
● Help mum take care of niece

Hmm yeah,these things will help me get busy & not miss internet :D

This month's popping playlist:
Glee cast singing "forget you" feat Gwyneth Paltrow super lovess :)

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